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Welcome to BALC- (Buying Australian onLine Cotton), pronounced, "bale" - Australia's leading internet-based e-commerce venture for the domestic and international marketing of Australian cotton. BALC- specializes in Australian raw cotton and brings buyer and seller together directly in a time-efficient and reliable format.

By using the online power of BALC- both grower and buyer enjoy the assurance of keeping close to the market movements of their cotton.

BALC- operates in its own niche market and complements services provided by the traditional handlers of Australian cotton. BALC-s direct access to the international market provides buyers and sellers with immediate assurance and clarity of price.

The Australian cotton presented by BALC- is classed against USDA standards and HVI machines which are calibrated under ITMF guidelines. This mark of excellence provides buyers with an assurance of grade and quality that is internationally acclaimed. Growers can feel confident in marketing the full grade to which they have produced. A relationship forged by BALC- can bring mutual co-operation between the grower and the spinner.

BALC- is registered as an Australian business. BALC- is owned and operated by Michael Ford, an Australian professional with 17 years of international trading experience and a member of the International Cotton Association.

Michael Ford has worked for major international cotton trading companies at senior level and major Australian cotton co-operative. His experience has included work in USA, eastern and western Europe, Uzbekistan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Pakistan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Turkey, and, the Middle-east.

As an Australian, he was raised on cotton and mixed farms. His university studies ground his knowledge of agribusiness. He lived in the UK and USA, worked at a senior level with multi-national commodity trading companies, a mid-western trading house and the Chicago Board of Trade - the leading futures exchange of America.

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